Thoughts on Raw for June 16th, 2014


Live from Cleveland, Ohio. Like normal, I’m watching the Hulu version, so I might not cover some of the minor stuff because I won’t know it exists. I’ll try to look stuff up though and throw my thoughts in. This is more of my opinions than actual play-by-play commentary. It looks like the entire locker room is standing at the top of the ramp. Triple H and Stephanie make their way to the ring, which sets up our first segment.


Triple H and Stephanie Opening Promo

Lots of hype about the upcoming championship ladder match. A big battle royal will happen later in the night, which should be fun. Winner gets a spot in the big match at Money In The Bank. Reigns, Ambrose, and Cena don’t get to be in the match. Cena will be in a stretcher match tonight against Kane. Good, maybe Bryan won’t have to do it when he gets back.


Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler

They’ve done this match several times this past week, but this was the best encounter. Apparently Ziggler is from Cleveland and the crowd was majorly behind him. Lots of good nearfalls. Definitely one to look up if you missed it. The match ends in DQ when Ambrose interferes to attack Rollins. Rollins wants a match with Seth now, but Triple H comes over the Titan Tron to say that’s not going to happen now. Instead, Ambrose will immediately fight Bad News Barrett. I assume Seth Rollins vs. Dean Ambrose will happen at the Pay-Per-View. Also, Dean Ambrose might be the best promo guy in wrestling right now. Or at least a near second behind Bray Wyatt. Every time he has the mic it’s gold.


Bad News Barrett vs. Dean Ambrose

Dean hurt his shoulder on Smackdown last Friday.  Barrett clotheslined Ambrose off the corner turnbuckle to the outside and he favored his shoulder for the rest of the match. Rollins tried to distract Ambrose during his match, which led to the two of them battling into the crowd. Ambrose got himself counted  out. They announced BNB to be the winner and Ambrose came back in to take him out.

Roman Reigns and Vicki “The Barista” Guerrero

Roman asks Vicki when she’s going to tell The Authority to take this job and shove it. She’s carrying their coffee and accidentally sneezes on them, but shrugs it off and proceeds to take it to them anyway. This segment isn’t all that funny, but it’s not as bad as many of the WWE’s poor attempts at comedy.


Bray and Family Talk About Power

Bray points to the belts hanging above the ring and says that they represent all the power he’d ever need. He also says that Harper and Rowan will destroy the Usos and take their power as well. I would love it if all of the Wyatts walk away with belts at Money In The Bank. Sheamus interrupts him to tell him that it’s bad luck to walk to under the ladder.


Bray Wyatt vs. Sheamus

The match doesn’t seem like it really ever picks up. Instead of giving it a good shot, the Usos come out to save Sheamus when he’s on the outside from a 3 on 1 situation. The match still continues for a bit until there’s mass interference. We get a cool spot where the Usos run up a ladder that’s leaning on the ropes. They dive out of the ring onto Harper and Rowan. Sheamus then throws the ladder out towards Harper and Rowan and it looks like it destroys their faces. Good way to further the tag title feud. Is Sheamus now in the mix? Will there be more face-offs between him and Bray? I sure hope so.

Vicki Delivers Coffee

Triple H bumbles into Vicki and the coffee spills all over her. He makes her go get more for him. She might tell him to take the job and shove it, but as this drags on I really don’t care. At least the matches have gotten a good amount of time so far, so I’ll keep my complaining on this to a minimum.

Renee Young Interviews Kevin Hart

I’ve liked the Adam Rose character, but his interruption of this segment was kind of dumb. Give the guy a real match or two and he might get over. Good luck to Kevin Hart and his movie. I won’t watch it, though.

Stephanie Pukes Like A Demon

More Vicki stuff. I guess Roman spiked the coffee and Stephanie is sick now. She explosively pukes over Vicki. Seriously, that was gross. I’m surprised at how much they dumped onto poor Vicki. The Authority go home because Steph is sick. They tell Vicki she’s in charge now.

Roman Gets Into The Battle Royal

Roman says that Vicki will most likely be fired next week. So she should put him in the battle royal tonight. Seems like he planned this all. If I was Vicki I wouldn’t put him in. It was his fault that Stephanie got sick from the coffee.


Fandango and Layla vs. Adam Rose and Summer Rae

Kevin Hart was on commentary. The crowd really likes chanting Adam Rose’s theme. The girls brawled and stormed backstage, but Adam Rose hit his finisher, the Party Foul, onto Fandango for the win. Kevin Hart joined him in the ring and officially became a Rosebud.


Battle Royal for a Money In The Bank Championship Spot

Sandow is wearing a Lebron James Heat jersey, haha. I bet Cleveland loved that. Roman Reigns got his own special entrance because he’s going to win. Sandow got thrown out immediately because the WWE doesn’t care that he’s one of my favorites.  Bo Dallas lasted a while and made a good impression  near the end. I hope his elimination of RVD leads to a big match down the road.

Okay, the showdown between Rusev and Reigns at the end was FANTASTIC. The crowd got so electric and it was great to see Rusev in this role and looking like he belonged. Reigns won, but those two made an awesome final minute or two out of it. It’s nice to see two of the younger guys in such a prominent position and really shining in it. My wife took a nap while I watched Raw. I’ll make her watch the end of this later.


John Cena vs. Kane (Stretcher Match)

The crowd was hot for this. They were actually hot all night. Kudos, Cleveland, for being a great wrestling crowd. Cena hit Kane with an Attitude Adjustment through the table — that was pretty good. He also threw the steel steps out of the ring into Kane’s face on the outside. I always love that spot.

Rollins and Orton came in to interfere. Ambrose came out to help Cena out, but Orton gets an RKO in on Cena in the process. Doesn’t matter, though. Cena is Superman and won the match anyway. Cena earned his spot into the title ladder match at Money In The Bank.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts:

Great night of wrestling. Lots of good matches that got plenty of time. The crowd was hot through it all. The Rusev/Reigns ending was my favorite moment of the night. The ladder match at Money In The Banks looks to be filled out and it should be a good show. I’ll write a preview next week for it. Let’s run through the awards of the night…

Superstar of the Night: I’ll give this to Roman Reigns. That big battle royal win was exciting and a great step for his character.

Promo of the Night: Dean Ambrose. Right before his match versus Wade Barrett. He’s so good. Bray deserves an honorable mention. These two and Paul Heyman are probably always going to win this award.

Match of the Night: Seth Rollins vs. Dolph Ziggler. There were a lot of contenders for this. But the crowd was really behind Dolph and I like that The Shield is in all of my awards. Those three really are the future of this company.

Overall Grade: A- This was a great night of wrestling. A hot crowd and solid matchups equal a good show.

Apparently I missed out on Stardust, which is Cody Rhodes in Goldust paint. I looked it up on Youtube and it looks cool. I’m excited to see what they do with it. I missed a Paige match, but apparently it was really short and not worth my time. I missed a Rusev match against the only guy left in 3MB, too. Another squash match. Other than the Rhodes thing, good job Hulu for cutting the stuff that wastes my time.

Expect my usual Main Event Review in the coming days. It should be posted to by tomorrow and here in the days after. Also, I’m going through all of the old Money In The Bank matches. It’s a big three-part series that I’ll slowly release over the next week and a half. It’s a lot of fun going through them all because I haven’t seen most of them.

I’m also on Twitter now. Check me out and add me. Or follow me. I don’t really get Twitter yet.  But here I am – @MitchNickelson.


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