WWE Needs These Gimmick Matches

by: Al N. Jaxson and Mitch Nickelson

There are many classic gimmick matches, from the simple No DQ or No Holds Barred formats to the Pay-Per-View worthy spectacles of a Royal Rumble or a TLC match. Purists love submission matches and hardcore enthusiasts always rave for a good tables match. With each gimmick match the fans are treated to an environment that has a completely different look and feel compared to the norm.

Mitch and Al have put their heads together to come up with some gimmick matches that the WWE needs to bring back (and one idea that’s never been seen before!). We’ll suggest who should be booked in these matches and why we think it would be good for business. Let’s get to it!

Casket Match

Mitch: There have been seven casket matches in WWE history and The Undertaker has been in every single one of them. The Casket Match was first done in WWE by the Dead Man against Kamala at Survivor Series 1992. I should go back and watch that, it’s probably hilarious. The most recent one was against Big Show in 2008. I think it’s time that the WWE took a chance with someone else in this unique format. The man that should follow Taker in this classic match is none other than Bray Wyatt.

Wyatt is a psychologically devious competitor who had a brief rivalry with Kane in 2013. Kane became a corporate lackey afterward. Kane has since returned to being the masked monster and is currently challenging the WWE World Heavyweight Champion, Daniel Bryan (pending injuries). When this rivalry ends, he needs to have a return feud with Bray.

Bray will need to find a way to out-evil the Big Red Machine and a challenge in a casket match would offer a chance  to be darker than he’s ever been before. He might even become the rightful successor to this match, using it off and on as his own as his career progresses.

Ironman Match

Al: So what matches would I like to be seen right now in WWE? Well, the first one that comes to mind is an Iron Man Match. 60 minutes baby! To me, it’s the ultimate match for the ultimate wrestling fan. And as you can tell, Mitch and I definitely fit that category!

If you’re reading this and you’re also a Wrestling geek, then I’m sure you’ve watched the classic Iron Man match between “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels and Bret “Hit Man” Hart at Wrestlemania 12. Two Icons in their prime going head to head for an hour. Those two guys were truly in a league of their own. So it’s got me thinking…

Who are two guys who could do an Iron Man today and do it right?

Easy. Daniel Bryan and Kofi Kingston.

They’re athletic, young, and talented. Kofi could definitely use a tuneup as far as his character is concerned but let’s face it, no one in the WWE is as athletic as Kofi and I have no doubts he could an hour …or longer if necessary. Same goes for the Yes Man. Daniel Bryan has certainly proved himself over the past year. And if you remember his days in Ring of Honor (again, if you’re a wrestling geek like me then I’m sure you do) then you know Daniel Bryan is the real deal. Give these guys a worthy storyline, a good buildup, and let these guys go for 60 and give the fans something we will love. Give us another Iron Man Classic!!!!

sandow confused
First Man Standing Match

Mitch: Please hear me out on this. I do realize that this is a ridiculous idea. But the WWE throws out a ton of stupid comedy segments that bomb all of the time, so here’s another dumb idea for them to consider. Given the right people, this just might work.

We all know how a Last Man Standing match works. One just happened between John Cena and Bray Wyatt at last Sunday’s Payback event. Two opponents fight each other until one guy has been beaten up so bad that he can’t get to his feet after a ten count. It’s a hard-hitting, rivalry-ending match.

How would a First Man Standing Match be executed? Well, you have two wrestlers laying on their backs in the middle of the ring. The ref begins a ten count and the bell will ring after the count of ten. First one up wins.

Okay, that doesn’t sound too exciting. But this would not be a blow-off match, this would be more of an angle to keep a (mid- to lower-card) rivalry going. Have Damien Sandow come up with this match. He can challenge R-Truth or someone way beneath his level. When Truth agrees to this silly match, he’ll lay down with Sandow in the middle of the ring to get this match started. Half-way through the ten count, Sandow will get up and beat the snot out of Ron Killings. Truthy won’t see it coming. He’ll get laid out with the Elbow of Disdain, then Sandow will lay down beside his mentally inferior opponent. The ref will restart the ten count, the match will finally begin, and Sandow will easily rise to his feet for the win. This sets up another match in the future to finish the war, but the Intellectual Savior of the Masses will have clearly defeated his buffoon of an opponent. Check. Mate.

Buried Alive Match

Al: Another great match that I’ve always enjoyed was the Buried Alive match. There’s certainly been some great Buried Alive matches in the past. But like The casket match Mitch was talking about, the buried alive match was mostly if not always involving one Superstar; the Undertaker. Well now that the Undertaker is all but faded into the sunset, who can take his place?

Well if anyone is gonna fill the Undertakers shoes it’s certainly got to be Bray Wyatt. He’s the creepiest character WWE has seen since Mankind and already has skills on the mic that are on par with a Paul Heyman or a CM Punk or an Arn Anderson. Could his in ring skills use some work? I’d say yes but he’s got plenty of time to learn. And a Buried Alive match would be perfect for this guy right now but with the current PG Rated WWE, it may be too much. Until the WWE brings back the buried alive match, we always have the WWE Network right folks?!


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