WWE Main Event Review June 3rd, 2014

Main Event

Hello, Mitch and Al-ites. (Is that a good term for anyone who reads this blog?) In addition to being one half of Mitch and Al, Mitch Nickelson has begun moonlighting for pro-wrestling-writer-guru John Canton on the uber-popular wrestling site, TJRWrestling.com. Mitch gets to review Main Event on a weekly basis. The only thing missing from this opportunity is the input of Al N. Jaxson, BUT FEAR NOT! Al wrote up a review as well and it precedes the reposting of Mitch’s own review. Both are below, with Al’s first.


by: Al N. Jaxson

I’m afraid I’ve got some GOOD NEWS!!! Bad News Barrett started off Main Event Tuesday Night and I couldn’t have been happier. Barrett talked smack about RVD and Van Dam came out and they brawled setting up their rematch later from payback .

Next up was a good tag match. Eric Rowan and Luke Harper vs Goldust and Kofi Kingston. Goldust and Cody Rhodes are kinda having a brothers quarrel. I smell a Cody Rhodes / Goldust feud. I could be wrong but I say why not. I like Both guys and I think it would produce some quality wrestling matches. Anyways, this was a good little tag match. I don’t see Rowan or Harper being huge stars but they can put on a good tag match if need be. They pick up the win in this one. More drama for the Rhodes Brothers.

The Main event match between RVD and Barrett was watchable . I like how Cesaro came out at the end and attacked Bad News Barrett causing a DQ giving Bad News the win. Cesaro isn’t working for me as a heel . I’m just not buying it. I would’ve rather seen Jack Swagger in Cesaros spot. I realize that’s a controversial statement but hey it is what it is y’all. I like Swagger better as a heel and he needed Paul Heyman more than Cesaro does. Anyways , just two matches on Main Event. Thanks for reading homies


by: Mitch Nickelson

Live from Cincinnati Ohio, it’s time for WWE’s Main Event.  My name is Mitch Nickelson and I’ll be walking you through this hour of ironically titled mid-card action. Seriously, nobody that’s in WWE’s actual main event will be on the show tonight. Tom Phillips and Byron Saxton are our announcers. They say that Main Event airs exclusively on the WWE Network, which isn’t entirely true. It also gets posted up on Hulu Plus within a couple of days.

Bad News Barrett starts out the show by heading toward the ring. He tells us that RVD was hit so hard with the Bull Hammer that he became delusional. He blames his pinfall on Monday’s Raw on the fact that Cesaro, his partner, abandoned him during the match. He says that RVD only repeats his initials to remind himself of who he is. Barrett’s bad news for tonight is that when he hits Van Dam with the Bull Hammer, the only use that the world will have for RVD is for him to be a walker on The Walking Dead.

RVD came in through the crowd and attacked Barrett, who exited the ring and I guess the match isn’t right now.

The announcers tell us that we’ll revisit the events from the Shield on Raw a little later. We’ll also be going over what happened at Payback with Mr. and Mrs. Bryan and Stephanie McMahon. Cody Rhodes will be helping his brother look for a new tag team partner later on as well.

Did you Know? One of those graphics popped up. Apparently Total Divas last Sunday had over 2 million viewers. Good for them. I don’t watch that show and don’t plan on starting, but good for them.

The segment where Daniel Bryan might have relinquished his title at Payback aired. It felt to me that the biggest title in the company was used to further a rivalry between Stephanie and Brie. I read a lot of positive reviews of how all that went down, but I wasn’t crazy about it. The segment at Payback made it feel like the WWE World Heavyweight Championship was being used to push a potential women’s match. And one of the women involved hasn’t wrestled an actual match in years. Maybe Stephanie and Brie will have an amazing match and I’ll eat crow. Announcer Byron called it “tremendous courage” for Brie to do what she did to Stephanie at Payback.

On Raw, Stephanie told us that if Daniel Bryan can compete, he’s facing Kane in a stretcher match at Money In The Bank. If he can’t compete, the title is vacated and the ladder match becomes a championship match. There will be a Daniel Bryan update on next week’s Raw.

Goldust comes out in what is supposed to be a tag-team contest. He comes out alone and looks back up toward the entrance ramp. Kofi Kingston follows him out, apparently “hand-picked” by Cody. Cody shouldn’t pick someone who loses so much. Big Show isn’t doing much these days, he should have asked him.

They showed a clip of Sin Cara and Goldust losing on Raw. I missed that because I watch Raw on Hulu Plus and they cut the whole show down to 90 minutes. Raw is actually much more enjoyable like that.

Goldust and Kofi are facing off against the excellent team of Rowan and Harper.

Goldust/Kofi vs. Rowan and Harper

This starts out as a fairly competitive match. Kofi and Goldust work well together, even pulling off a few tandem moves.  The announcers talk about how the Wyatt duo should be the number one contenders since they pinned the tag champs on Raw. I agree. I also don’t like the Usos, so I’ll mention now that I hope their feud ends with belts off of Rikishi’s kids. I’m a hater, I know.

There’s a break highlighting the upcoming Money in the Bank Pay-Per-View. It’s a fun event that’s always good. My son knocked over his bowl of Apple Jacks as we come back from the break, so I miss a little of this as I clean up his mess. He’s 2 years old, what can you do?

Kofi seems to hit some of his big spots and has a few near falls. The crowd gets behind him. He does a top rope head scissor and follows it up with a flip outside onto Harper. He climbs the top rope for a high crossbody and almost gets the pin. Goldust fails at attacking Rowan outside. He was going for that dive he does from the apron, but Harper stopped him from in the ring. This leads to Kofi missing the Trouble In Paradise and getting taken out by Luke Harper. Harper pins for the win.

Winners: Rowan and Harper

Cody is looking disappointed backstage. I bet he never even thought about asking Big Show. It’s his own fault, really.

We see clips of the tag match from Monday night that had Cesaro and Bad News Barrett. Cesaro left his opponent by himself to get taken out. RVD faces BNB later.

RVD is being interviewed by Renee Young backstage. He tells BNB that everyone knows how cool he is. BNB shouldn’t mistake coolness for weakness. He has bad news of his own, and that’s he’s the whole d*** show. It might be silly for me to edit that, but I’ve got young kids and I prefer the PG format. If I could have my say I’d take a  G format as far as the language is concerned. I don’t want my kids repeating everything they hear on wrestling, and they will.

Up next, we’ll see the Rollins betrayal on his Shield brethren.

Bray Wyatt will be returning to Smackdown this Friday night.

The recent events concerning The Shield are aired. Evolution got defeated pretty dominantly at Payback. They showed the implosion of Evolution on Raw where Batista quit. Good luck promoting your movie, Dave. We’ll see you in a few months. Reigns calls The Shield brothers. Rollins will show his true colors shortly after. He’s part of Triple H’s Plan B. Ambrose did a great job looking shocked when Rollins struck Reigns. They both got taken out by Seth and his steel chair. Ambrose even took a curb stomp onto the chair. Rollins stood tall with Triple H and Orton over the beaten Reigns and Ambrose.

Back to in-ring action and Barrett is now coming out.  It looks like we’re finally getting our Intercontinental match. They go to break to tell us about what’s happening on Legends House. Is that any good? I’m not sure I want to see it. A bunch of old guys just drinking and acting like fools doesn’t look like a good show to me.

Back from the break and Rob Van Dam comes out. My son calls him Rye Ban Dan. Close enough, son.

Bad News Barrett vs. RVD
Intercontinental Championship Match

The match starts out with some typical action. BNB does some brawling and RVD hits his usual spots of kicks and what-not. At one point, RVD goes up to the top rope and Barrett shoves him over the corner post and to the outside. A commercial then comes on telling us about all the best factions in wrestling.

Back from the break and the crowd is chanting “RVD” as he’s trying to rally out of a headlock. Barrett keeps in control. The action spills to the outside. RVD gets met with a face full of steel steps. Barrett rolls him back in for a pin that only gets himself two. There seems to be a dueling “Bad News Barrett/RVD” chant happening. RVD plays the face in peril throughout most of this match. The crowd gets really loud for Van Dam at one point.

Rob is in the corner and Barrett goes to kick him, but RVD moves out of the way and Barrett gets hung on.  He’s able to hit the Rolling Thunder and fails at a pin attempt. Barrett hits the Winds of Change, but also only gets a 2 count. RVD hits a stiff kick to set up the Frog Splash, but Barrett stops him on the top rope. Barrett sets up the Bull Hammer but out of nowhere Cesaro runs in and hits BNB with the Neutralizer.

Winner: No Contest

With Paul Heyman looking on, Cesaro hits the Neutralizer on RVD as well. He holds his hands up in victory as he walks back up the ramp to where Heyman is. Heyman tells him, “Nicely done.” They look on toward the ring as the show comes to a close.

Mitch’s Final Thoughts

Goldust couldn’t make it happen with Kofi tonight. I’m not sure who I’m supposed to feel sorry for at this point, Cody or his brother. This will obviously lead to a big match between the two, so at least there will be a good payoff out of all of this. The match itself was decent enough and the crowd seemed to want to root for Kofi. Harper and Rowan got the win and I’m personally rooting for them to get the tag titles in the coming months.

I was liking the IC title match before we got the DQ finish. If I had to guess what the WWE was building to out of tonight’s match, I’d say there is a triple threat match between Cesaro, Barrett, and Van Dam to come for Barrett’s Intercontinental title at the next Pay-Per-View. But then I remember that Sheamus and his U.S. title is still a part of all of this, so I don’t know how that will factor into the mix going forward. I think all four guys mesh really well together, so I’m not complaining about however this all fleshes out.

WWE Main Event delivered a solid hour of recaps and two decent mid-card matchups. Storylines were furthered and it didn’t take too much out of my life to analyze it all.


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