Four Wrestlers Bill Goldberg Needs To Fight


by: Mitch Nickelson and Al N. Jaxson

In a recent interview with Ring Rust Radio, Bill Goldberg made the following statement regarding returning to the ring:

If the opportunity arose and it was a favorable condition for everybody involved, and I mean working condition, not necessarily the money, and opponent, I would definitely cater the thought.

Cautioning fans to not read too much into his comments, he also made this statement:

It’s funny anytime that I mention anything about wrestling, even my words can be taken out of context.

That leaves us, Mitch and Al, with two options. We can either leave his comments as is and not overspeculate what a Goldberg return might look like, or we can NOT leave his comments as is and overspeculate what a Goldberg return might look like.  We choose the latter.

Mitch and Al have chosen 4 current WWE superstars who should be considered to face off against the man who found himself ending the hottest winning streak in wrestling history to Kevin Nash due to interference by Scott Hall and a cattle prod.

sheamus punk

1. Sheamus

Mitch: My first pick for a Bill Goldberg match is Sheamus. Sheamus has a hard-hitting, brawler style that can mesh with anybody, especially the bigger guys. Goldberg might not be a giant, but he’s still a hoss. Pitting those two together could result in a stiff match that might even make Big Van Vader proud.

Call it cheesy, but I’d set up a feud between these guys with some feats of strength. Let them have an arm wrestling contest and maybe a tug of war. They both are strong and they don’t need a ton of actual in-ring matches to build up a rivalry.

Let the two fight each other in a Street Fight or some sort of No-DQ stipulation. Sheamus can use all the weapons he can find to brutalize Billy and then the Gold-man can make his heroic comeback by spearing the Celtic Warrior through something awesome. I recommend spearing Sheamus through the side of an ambulance to set up a rematch under Ambulance Match rules. Or he could spear Sheamus into El Torito, setting up WeeLC 2 featuring a triple threat match between Goldberg, Sheamus, and the little bull. Okay, that was a joke.


2. Ryback

Al: Who would I want to see Goldberg against? Well, like Mitch I have two picks. My first pick may surprise you but I’m gonna go with Ryback. Ryback is falling fast right now in the pit of forgettable superstars and a feud with Mr. Goldberg would give him a HUGE boost. And it would be entertaining to see their two identical styles collide.

lesnar punk

3. Brock Lesnar

Mitch: I’m going to shoot for the moon with my next pick. Bill Goldberg should have a match against the Beast Incarnate, Brock Lesnar. I know some people will contest this pick because these two already had a match at Wrestlemania 20…sort of.

Both guys went into the event on the very back end of their contracts and neither guy was staying in the company. It was the last match for both guys at the time and every fan in attendance knew it. Not only did Bill and Brock not make any attempt at having a good match, the fans heckled them relentlessly. It was an odd spectacle.

Fast forward to present day and Lesnar is as hot as he’s ever been. Fresh off of defeating The Streak at Wrestlemania, any matchup he has over the next year is a guaranteed mega-marquee bout. Those are conditions that Goldberg is sure to be excited about, even if he wouldn’t win. Few people have ever gotten a legitimately clean win over Goldberg, but surely he can be talked into putting over the Taker-defeating, former UFC and WWE Heavyweight Champion Lesnar, right? Maybe I shouldn’t hold my breath.


4. Kane

Al: My next choice would be Kane. These two have never gone head-to-head before (correct me if I’m wrong, Mitch) so it would be fun to see. Would Kane vs Goldberg have been better 15 years ago? Absolutely. But these are two legends and when you put two legends in a ring together, people are gonna watch it and pay attention. If they built it right and did a good job of setting up a good storyline, it could be great.

Final Thoughts by Al: Maybe Goldberg doesn’t need to come back. Maybe it would be an embarrassment. All I know is in the late 90s, Bill Goldberg was as big as anyone in the history of professional wrestling. As big as Hogan, Flair, Austin…name whoever you want. So if he comes back, at least give him the respect he’s earned. Don’t put him against Heath Slater or Santino. Give us something the fans would enjoy!


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