WWE Payback 2014 Preview


This Sunday in Chicago, the WWE brings the second ever Pay-Per-View under the name Payback. Chicago is typically a really fun crowd. Mitch, Al, and Rosie are here to preview the announced card.


No Hold Barred Elimination
The Shield vs. Evolution

Al: If this match is anything like their match at Extreme Rules, then it’ll be a slobberknocker!!! (miss you JR). The thing about this rivalry that I most enjoy are the promos. These guys know how to talk. And I think this rivalry has brought out the best in everybody, especially Seth Rollins. But expect Evolution to walk away with this one.

Mitch: This match is no holds barred and it should be chaos. These teams fought together at last months event, Extreme Rules, in what might be the match of the year so far. Expect a brutal and exciting brawl.

Rosie: I’m looking forward to this match. I’m pretty excited to see Ambrose’s insanity-fueled chaos and Rollins’ high-flying moves. I think as long as Triple H isn’t the main focus of Evolution’s offense, the group itself should look pretty good. As much as I dislike Batista, he needs the boost here. He’s a great heel (best one they have right now, other than Bray Wyatt), and they need to capitalize on the crowd’s intense dislike of him. I look for the Shield to win, but hopefully just barely.


Last Man Standing
Bray Wyatt vs. John Cena

Mitch: On paper, this should be great. But the same could have been said for their matches at Extreme Rules and Wrestlemania. Their first two bouts didn’t live up to the hype and I hope they surprise us all and steal the show. Wyatt hasn’t gotten a win out of this rivalry yet, so I’m hoping he does this Sunday.

Al: Well, they say the third time is the charm, I’m hoping that’s true ’cause Al was not satisfied with the first two clashes between these two. I still long for the days of the Classic John Cena. The one that came out in his retro jersey with the hat backwards rapping about how you can’t see him! Not Mr. Goody Two Shoes. But nevertheless this will be one to watch for sure. Never know what to expect from the Wyatt’s. Wyatt wins this one by pinfall.

Rosie: I don’t see how this “rivalry” can continue if Bray doesn’t get the win here. It’s no secret that I’m pretty anti-Cena, but he’s gonna have to take the loss here if the WWE wants to keep Wyatt relevant. He can’t just be fodder for the good guys. The Family had a rivalry with The Shield, and both emerged even more popular before. Cena’s rep can handle the loss. just fine, so Wyatt should get the win.


US Championship
Sheamus (c) vs. Cesaro

Mitch: This is a potential show stealer on the undercard. Sheamus has a hard hitting style that is very believable. Cesaro is crazy strong so he should be able to hold his own. This match will be a brawl. I expect Sheamus to win, but not clean.

Al: Like Mitch said, this one could be a very good match or maybe it’ll just be an average match that’s nothing special. But I’m definitely gonna be watching to find out! I’m a sucker for a good quality wrestling match and Cesaro and Sheamus can do it. I’m going with Cesaro in this one. Don’t mess with a Paul Heyman guy!

Rosie: Not expecting too much from this, to be honest. I don’t feel they’ve done a lot with Cesaro lately to make him seem like a big threat, and all Sheamus has done lately is knock people down and give the crowd some stunning smiles. I see Sheamus getting the win since it doesn’t seem likely that a feud will last past the PPV.


Intercontinental Championship
Bad News Barrett (c) vs. Rob Van Dam

Mitch: I get bored with RVD these days. He’s the most exciting wrestler of 2001 and hasn’t changed his moveset since. Barrett’s new Bad News gimmick is working well for him and I expect him to get a solid win over the legend to establish his title reign.

Al: Mitch, I couldn’t agree more! RVD just isn’t the RVD he used to be. In his ECW Days, he certainly was outstanding but it just feels like everything he does in the ring you’ve seen over and over and over and ….get the picture. And besides, Bad News Barrett is one of if not the most entertaining superstars in WWE right now. Sandow used to make me laugh more than anyone but I think Barrett has took his spot for me. Give this one to Barrett.

Rosie: I’m just echoing you both here when I say that it’s time to retire RVD. He’s terribly predictable, and his matches lack excitement and bravado. I don’t see the logic behind bringing RVD back and pushing him towards these high-profile matches. Wade Barrett’s got a good thing going here (or should that be a BAD thing?) and the WWE would be stupid to halt his momentum once more. I’ll go ahead and predict that this will be one of RVD’s last pay-per-view matches.


Divas Championship
Paige (c) vs. Alicia Fox

Al: Paige has so much potential, it’s scary. Could be the best female wrestler ever. Yep . Ever. I’m actually looking forward to watching girls wrestling now. And I give Paige and AJ Lee all the credit for that. And they’re pretty, so what can I say? I’m attracted to females, Sue me. I’ll give this one to Paige.

Mitch: Paige is a brand new face in the women’s division and seems to want to be more than just a pretty face. She has a finisher called the Scorpion Crosslock that I think looks more brutal than most of the moves that even the men do. I enjoy her ring work and hope she retains her title.

Rosie: I’m not a big fan of women’s wrestling, mainly because it’s still painfully obvious that it’s mostly all about half-naked girls throwing each other around and not a whole lot about their wrestling ability. AJ Lee paved the way for Paige with her anti-Diva personality, and Paige has honored that pretty well. While I’m not a fan of her attire (can we please see some female wrestlers who actually wear clothes, WWE?) she fights well. I really doubt she’ll lose her title any time soon.


Mask vs. Hair (Pre-show)
El Torito vs. Hornswoggle

Mitch: While I would normally roll my eyes at a comedy match between two little people, these guys might just entertain. They were part of a surprisingly awesome show stealer of a match comically titled WeeLC. I really don’t care who wins, but I’ll enjoy watching this.

Al: I’m gonna have to disagree with Mitch on this one. Does anyone care about Hornswoggle vs El Torito? I’d much rather be watching a Miz vs Dolph Ziggler match anyday. This will be a match I’ll definitely go grab an ice cold Coca Cola outta the fridge and take a bathroom break on, folks.

Rosie: Okay, this is just ridiculous. I’ll probably be making some popcorn and checking Facebook while this match is on. Just like Al, I’d take a Dolph Ziggler match ANY day over this. Let’s see Ziggler vs. Sandow, or a tag match between The Rhodes Brothers and Ryback/Axel (as long as Cody and Goldust win).


So there you have it. Can WWE still deliver a solid Pay-Per-View without an appearance by their WWE World Heavyweight Champion? Tune in with us on Sunday night and find out. Maybe we’ll even see an appearance by Buff Bagwell. Well, maybe not. But we can dream, right?


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