Alex Wright vs. Arn Anderson (Slamboree ’95)

Alex Wright 1995

Alex Wright vs Arn Anderson
WCW Slamboree 1995
World Television Championship Match

by: Al N Jaxson

Well folks, Mitch gave me a hard one this time. My job this week is to review an Alex Wright Match. Now just in case you readers out there don’t know who Alex Wright is lemme tell ya. Alex Wright was a star in WCW in the early to mid 90s. From Germany, Alex wrestled in Japan and Germany before making it to Ted Turners WCW. He was known for his dancing skills and his many lady fans. There would be no Fandango without Alex Wright. Well maybe but Alex Wright was the bomb.


So out of several matches to choose from (he had succesful runs with Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and a few others) I went with his match vs the Enforcer Arn Anderson at Slamboree 1995. Alex was still making a name for himself here and a match against Double A would definitely help his career at this point. So the World Television Championship is on the line.


Alex starts off good with a nice headlock on Arn. It doesn’t take long for Eric Bischoff and Bobby Heenan to be impressed with Wright. Nice drop kicks and headlocks to start off the match. Arn Anderson was still in his prime here. And Alex Wright could sure make a drop kick look good. He lands a flying drop kick off the top rope in this match that is a work of art. You could tell this kid had talent. But Arn Anderson was a pro. And he had way more chest hair.


Alex Wright would lose this one with a DDT from Arn. But Wright looked good in this one. Even though this wasn’t a long match at all, there wasn’t a second I was bored from it. Arn and Wright kept it watchable the whole way through and it made me remember how good Alex Wright was and how underrated Arn was as a wrestler. Plus Arn Anderson on the mic was easily in my top 10 promo cutters of all time. Why you ask? Just go on YouTube and watch some old Arn Anderson promos and you’ll know exactly why. Ric Flair didn’t love the guy for nothin.

But anyways, this match was short and sweet but enjoyable. I may have to find a better Alex Wright match to review. Thanks for reminding me about Alex Wright, Mitch. Good ol WCW Memories.


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