Too Soon?

According to news reports, WWE is surveying fans about potential DVDs that are categorized as  “WWE Reveals/Investigative Documentary.” While this sounds like a fun idea, read the list of topics they’re considering…

  • Jerry Lawler/Andy Kaufman
  • “The Curtain Call”
  • Mike Tyson: Pariah of the Sports World, WWE Savior
  • John Stossel Slap/Lawsuit (David “Dr. Death” Schultz)
  • Owen Hart’s Demise
  • XFL Documentary

I’ll ask Bret Hart if anything on that list stands out…

bret upset

The WWE is considering a DVD release about the demise of Owen Hart. This begs the question, is it too soon? Owen’s death was one of the most tragic events in this industry. Are these wounds that need picked at?

Mitch Nickelson: Personally, I say go for it IF it has the Hart family’s blessing. It will always be a tragedy and no amount of time and distance can ever remove that fact. It will, however, need to be approached with a tremendous amount of caution.

It shows a lot of decency on WWE’s part to ask their fans’ opinions on such delicate subject matter. Hopefully they listen to the fans feedback and even shelve the project if the fans do not think it’s appropriate. I do hope that we, the WWE Universe, were not the first parties that were asked on this matter. I would like to think that this idea has already been given the okay by the Harts. It might be a little too hard to have to read about this idea on the dirt shirts if you’re in Owen’s family.

Al N. Jaxson: Well of course I’d like to see a true Chris Benoit DVD but that’ll never happen…I’d probably most likely buy any of those but the Owen hart DVD would be a must buy.

Mitch Nickelson: I don’t think we will ever see a Benoit DVD. While Benoit is one of my favorite wrestlers ever, the nature of his death is too horrific. Now THAT’S a wound that doesn’t need picked at.


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