Mick Foley’s Big Announcement


On May 18th, 2014, wrestling legend Mick Foley posted this to his Facebook account:


After giving the matter much thought, I have come to an important decision regarding my furure. I know that not everyone will agree with, or support the decision, but I do hope the decision will be respected. I will make the announcement on Tuesday afternoon.


Al N. Jaxson: Ok everyone, STOP WHAT YOU’RE DOING!!!! MICK FOLEY HAS SOMETHING TO SAY!!! Yesterday on Mick Foley’s Facebook, he announced that tomorrow afternoon, Tuesday, May 20th, he will be making a very important announcement. Could he be returning to the ring?! Is the Mickster coming out of the closet?! (Eww, say it ain’t so, Mick!) Could Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy be entering the world of politics?! Who knows, right? The possibilities are endless and I can only imagine what the announcement will be. (I mean, this is Mick Foley we’re talking about, folks). My guess would be that he’s not renewing his Legends contract with WWE and is going elsewhere. That’s the popular answer right now but until Mick makes the announcement it’s all speculation at this point. But whatever the announcement is, you got my support, Mick! So Mitch, what are your thoughts, BROTHER!!!!!!!?????


Mitch Nickelson: I’m not sure how to think about this post. It’s been no secret to anyone who follows Foley online that he’s had quite a contentious relationship with the WWE over the past few months. After the Royal Rumble, he was so upset at how WWE was missing the mark on pushing Daniel Bryan that he uploaded a video of himself busting his television.

More recently, he posted a rant online about how unsatisfied he was about recent payouts regarding video game royalties. This was the reason he was refusing to sign his Legends contract that was offered. He must be really confident about the prospects of his stand-up comedy (which I actually hear is pretty good).


He says that not everyone will agree with or support his decision. So I ask myself, what can Mick Foley do that I would neither agree with nor support? The only thing that comes to mind is him getting back into the ring. For anyone that might not have been watching wrestling during Foley’s prime, he had a tendency to do stuff like this…


Mick Foley is a smart guy. He’s got a lot going on for him outside of the ring and can probably have a very high class lifestyle without ever wrestling again. We fans love and respect how much he’s given to this sport and are thankful that he got out while he still has the ability to walk. But if he wanted to wrestle again, that would cause universal worry and disapproval from the wrestling community.

Surely he doesn’t want to get back in the ring, right? Right?


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