WWE’s Next Big Thing

Who is the next WWE Champion? Which talent on the undercard is oozing with potential and just waiting to wow wrestling crowds all across the globe? Mitch Nickelson and Al N. Jaxson are joined by the beautiful Rosie Piper and the handsome (I guess) Donald Hinn to look at four superstars who that the WWE would be foolish not to push.


Why Kofi Kingston is a WWE Champion Just Waiting to Happen
By: Al N. Jaxson

Let me first start off by saying I’m happy with who are champions right now in the WWE. Daniel Bryan as WWE Champion? No arguments here. I mean I’m not the biggest Daniel Bryan fan in the world but can the guy wrestle? Oh, you better believe he can. He deserves the Title right now. Bad News Barrett as Intercontinental Champion? I’d rather it be on his waist right now than anyone else. The guy’s got me sold on the Bad News character right now. It’s not the funniest gimmick in the world but he’s selling the heck out of it and I’m buying it!!!

But this is an article about the guy who’s getting overlooked in the WWE and that’s Kofi Kingston. Now granted the guy is a 4-time Intercontinental Champion, 2-time Tag Team champ, and a 3-time US Champ. Not a bad career, eh? But I still think the guy is good enough to go all the way to the top. Maybe he’s happy where he’s at. Or maybe he’s not and WWE just chooses not to push him. Either way it’s a shame. When it comes to athletic ability, have you seen this guy in the past few Royal Rumbles? He steals the show for sure. I haven’t seen such amazing ways to keep your feet off the floor since Chris Jericho or Shawn Michaels. So, athletically the guy is amazing.

The problem is his character. It hasn’t changed. Ever. A heel turn would help this guy a lot. Bottom line, Kofi Kingston is entertaining, a fan favorite, and maybe that’s all he wants to be. If so, good for him. It’s just a shame he can’t be more than that because Al N Jaxson knows talent and potential and Kofi’s got it! Maybe Paul Heyman has got room for another guy.


Jack Swagger’s Return to the Top Tier
by: Mitch Nickelson

I restarted watching wrestling early in 2013. At the time, Alberto Del Rio and Jack Swagger were feuding for the World Championship. I was very unimpressed by Jack Swagger. While he ‘s pretty good in the ring, he had no connection with the audience. Then something seemingly worse happened. He picked up an arrogant manager named Zeb Colter and started a gimmick that made fun of conservative-minded people. As a conservative-minded person, I found the whole thing annoying.

Swagger and Colter floundered out of the main event as they continued to be underwhelming to me. Another young stud would join their team of “Real Americans” by the name of Antonio Cesaro. The team continued with their ways of portraying right-wingers as ignorant racists and found a spot in the tag team division.

I didn’t know much about Colter beforehand, but Colter, a.k.a. Dutch Mantell, has a brilliant wrestling mind. He continued to be his character until stubborn fans like me realized how funny and entertaining he is. Even if he is parodying many Americans’ political ideologies, he found a way to even win us over. Cesaro also brought an immense amount of legitimacy to the faction. He has a fantastic body of work in the indies under his real name Claudio Castagnoli. He has a unique and clever style that is highlighted in moves like his Cesaro Swing.

What have Colter and Cesaro done for Swagger? They’ve helped people forget about his weaknesses. Like Paul Heyman is with Brock Lesnar, so is Colter with Swagger now. It doesn’t matter if Swagger is a weak promo guy anymore, Zeb can do the talking now. Cesaro has been able to find a way to entertain in the ring. As I and many other fans became more excited to see the Swiss Superman, we stopped remembering to groan about Swagger being on our TV screen.

How does WWE book him back into the main event? That’s an easy task now that the Real Americans trio has split. Cesaro can have great matches with anybody and is at the beginning of his own push to the top tier of the industry. As the WWE’s creative team is looking for meaningful rivalries for their top talent, Swagger will always be the former tag partner of Cesaro. Jannety always had a reason to fight Michaels. Kane always had a story when he faced the Undertaker. Chasing Cesaro, Swagger will return to the top of the card one day. With Colter continuing to shape his character, he’ll be ready.


We Need a Savior
by Rosie Piper

With the ever-increasing popularity of the Wyatt family, it has become evident that the WWE Universe is in desperate need of a revolution. No longer can we be content with the status quo. The era of the goody-two-shoes pretty boys has to end. No more John Cenas. No more Daniel Bryans (I will admit, his “pretty boy” status is debatable). We need a leader who can inspire and enthrall us with the truth, who won’t pull punches, who will reveal the enemy’s duplicity with rectitude and candor. Who better to deliver us from our static cesspool of ignorance than Damien Sandow, the intellectual savior of the unwashed masses? Only he can take us by the hand and pull us up to a previously unreached level of awareness. How can he do this? By first being elevated to the titular office that only he is truly worth holding: WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Only when we see him with a belt on his waist and a belt draped over his shoulder will we be genuinely fulfilled.


Underutilized Talent in the WWE
By: Donald Hinn

A good example of underutilized talent in the WWE is Cesaro. Yes, he is now a Paul Heyman Guy and the winner of the first ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royale, but he is also a very talented competitor. Look at the second match he had with Sami Zayn on NXT. He pushed Zayn to compete at his best throughout the match and even though he beat Zayn he showed class and respect afterward by going back in and shaking Zayn’s hand. If the WWE was smart they would push Cesaro more than as just a Paul Heyman Guy. They would push him as a legitimate contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship and he would definitely be a good representative of the WWE.

— — — — — —  — — — — — — — — — — — —  — — — — —

And there you have it. Four great talents in the WWE who our authors believe should be in the  main event. Do you agree? Click on which WWE superstar you believe to be the best choice for the main event.


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