Jake Roberts vs. Rick Martel (WRESTLEMANIA VII)


Jake “the Snake” Roberts vs Rick “the Model” Martel
Blindfold Match
Wrestlemania 7

by: Al N Jaxson

It’s 1991! Terminator 2: Judgement Day is blowing people’s minds with its special effects, Michael Jackson doesn’t think it matters if you’re Black or White, Operation Desert Storm is in effect, and Rick Martel and Jake Roberts are getting ready to set the wrestling world on fire with not just a wrestling match, but a BLINDFOLD wrestling match! Yes, that’s right, the whole match with blindfolds on their heads.

All joking aside, this match was hilarious and entertaining. Jake Roberts was definitely a heavy fan favorite at this point in his career. Just listen to the crowd when he comes out to one of (I think) the  best entrance themes in WWE history. Martel was finally making a name for himself going solo after leaving Strike Force, a tag team with Tito Santana , which was actually a pretty decent team.

Martel carried around his own cologne called “Arrogance” which if sprayed in the eyes could cause blindness. Brother Love had a show at that time, kinda like a Piper’s Pit. On this particular episode, Martel was the guest and Jake Roberts was on as well. They must not have got along too well cause Roberts took a sniff of Arrogance to the eyes!!! What a jerk, right? So here they are at Wrestlemania to settle the score.

DING DING DING. What do they do? Well, they both start slowly with blindfolds over their heads…Martel really sells this match for me. Everything he does is funny and makes sense. And the announcing team is Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan. Really don’t get much better than that.

Heenan – “Martel needs to take the blindfold off.”
Gorilla – “That’s cheating.”
Heenan – “SO WHAT?”

This match made me smile just for the announcing alone. Heenan was truly a genius. At one point , Rick Martel grabs the referee and realizes he’s wearing a shirt so he can’t be Jake Roberts, right?! So Bobby Heenan suggests Martel wear a shirt so Roberts would think he’s the ref and he can toy with Jake. They didn’t call him the brain for nothin’.

Martel finally gets his Boston Crab on Roberts. Jake gets out of it and gets his Signature DDT on Martel, which was then quite a dangerous finisher. 1, 2, 3. Roberts with the win. Good match. Both guys had better matches in their careers but they had worse, too. I watched. I laughed. I learned that Models can’t win Blindfold Matches. The end.


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