WWE Extreme Rules 2014 Review


Cesaro vs. RVD vs. Jack Swagger

Al: Cesaro vs Rob Van Dam vs Jack Swagger was a solid opener to Extreme Rules. RVD looked good as usual but I thought this one should’ve been just Cesaro vs Swagger myself. Nevertheless good solid match. Cesaro picked up the win by pinning RVD after some nice trash can spots.

Mitch: I agree that this match should have been just between Cesaro and Swagger. Their feud was interesting enough to stand alone without RVD. But, on the other hand, RVD is a far bigger star than Swagger. Cesaro is ascending upwards and a win over RVD is a much bigger deal than a win over Swagger.

I was surprised to see Swagger being the early elimination. I hope the rivalry with Cesaro isn’t over as I’d like to see more promos between Heyman and Colter. I love both these managers and in Swagger’s situation he really would suffer without his. My guess is that The Real Americans will ultimately pick up a replacement to Cesaro and continue on as a tag team unit. Cesaro will be a World Champion, but my guess is that it won’t happen until sometime in 2015.

Rusev vs. Xavier Woods/R-Truth

Mitch: This match had a simple story to it. Rusev is the new guy who’s booked to be a hoss. Woods and Truth are main roster guys that aren’t doing anything and the fans aren’t exactly asking for them to be doing anything. Rusev demolished the two guys, so that adds to his credibility as a threat in the singles division. I was wondering if Woods’ injury was legit or not and if Rusev didn’t attack him again after the match I might have believed it. This wasn’t the best wrestling match ever, but it was never meant to be. This was enjoyable filler that served its purpose.

Al: Yeah, Rusev needed a match like this. I like the guy. I think he has potential. But then again I thought Nathan Jones was gonna be a star too so shows what I know. Like you said, the match served its purpose.

Intercontinental Championship

Big E vs Bad News Barrett

Al : This match was one I was looking forward to. I’m probably too much of a fan of Wade Barrett but I can’t help it. The guy is funny. He makes me laugh. But he can also put on a really good match. This one wasn’t as long as I wish it was but it was still pretty good. Not a match of the year candidate but I’m interested to see how Bad News Barrett does with the IC Title. I’m in his corner!

Mitch: I’m in Bad News Barrett’s corner as well. I really like how he had to climb through a tournament over the past month to earn this title shot. Tournaments add legitimacy to pro wrestling and isn’t that important? The Bad News gimmick is kind of weak by itself and none of the jokes are all that funny. But that’s not why it works. It works because of how much Barrett invests into it. I just hope his IC title reign is more eventful than Big E’s.

The match itself was decent. Big E speared Barrett through the ropes to the outside in what was an impressive moment. The last couple of minutes had some exciting near falls. The crowd loved it when Barrett won and it was a fun moment. Good luck to Barrett and the Bad News gimmick.

The Shield vs. Evolution

Mitch: Best match of the night, easily. Along with the big match they had with the Wyatts at Elimination Chamber, The Shield have two potential matches of the year so far. If this were the only match that aired on the WWE network for the entire month of May, I’d be a fool not to pay the 10 bucks to watch it. Plain and simple, I thought this was a great match.

This match stayed fairly orderly early on as Evolution looked strong and beat the snot out of poor Seth Rollins. As the tides turned in this one, the action spilled out all throughout the arena and lived up to being an Extreme Rules match. Seth Rollins really showed himself to be the workhorse that he is in this one. Midway through the match he dove outside the ring and very nastily hit nothing but ground. At the end of the match he hit another dive through the crowd that was amazing to see on the replay. That man puts his body on the line to entertain.

Dean Ambrose shone as well in this match. The more comfortable he gets into his character, the more he seems like a modern day Roddy Piper. There were times in this match that he’d brawl and he seemed like an absolute crazy person. He stands out so well in a faction that is breeding three superstars and should be great for years to come.

And of course Roman Reigns got to be the main to drive the final nail into Evolution’s coffin. He’s the chosen boy of the group and just like in the Survivor Series where he eliminated four competitors by himself to the be the sole survivor; just like at the Royal Rumble when he set the record for most eliminations with 12, Roman Reigns got the glory as he finished of Batista and pinned him in the middle of the ring.

I’m a mark for The Shield. I hope they continue to shine. They are an important part of the future of the WWE.

Evolution was equally as great. I won’t comment on all of them, but I will comment on Batista. When he came back and won the Rumble, the WWE universe was ticked; myself included. But since then, he’s lost clean to Daniel Bryan in the main event of Wrestlemania. In this match, he was the guy to definitively get pinned as well. Not sure what kind of guy Batista is in real life, but I can respect a man of his pedigree to repeatedly put over the younger talent.

Al: Great commentary, Mitch! Batista is certainly putting his ego aside or maybe he’s pretty ticked about it. I’m sure the guy was hoping for a warmer welcome than what he’s received but the bottom line is it’s up to the fans what your fate is. But yeah, Seth Rollins was very impressive last night. I gain more respect for him every match. There is no weak link in the Shield.

Cage Match

Bray Wyatt vs John Cena

Al: I thought this match could’ve been better. I’m honestly not impressed with Wyatt as a wrestler. His mic skills are very good but he’s no Mick Foley in the ring. With that being said, it was ok. I think the Cena /Wyatt feud is getting old quick. I liked it a lot in the beginning but not anymore. I thought this was the worst match of the night. Homie.

Mitch: Worst match of the night? There weren’t any necessarily terrible matches of the night, so you might be right. It definitively was the least impressive of the three Main Event matches. Wyatt hasn’t shown us anything spectacular in the ring yet and it seems like they’re relying way too much on his personality as an excuse to not let him do much of any actual wrestling.

Personally, if I were booking this feud I would use it as an excuse to really make the people who hate Cena go nuts. They booked Cena way too strong at Extreme Rules anyway but why not just go all out? Let him beat Wyatt in the center of the ring after going Super Cena on Harper, Rowen, and about a 1,000 little kids in those creepy masks. If the fans really want to see Wyatt then that can be their motivation to rally behind their guy (or against Cena). It worked in making Bryan the babyface champion he is now and it worked in making Batista the mega-heel he is now.

As far as the ending went, it was fine with me. The kid was sort of creepy but the Wyatt creepy shtick is on the verge of getting old. At least pick a new hymn for the next chapter in the Wyatt family. Can I suggest This Little Light of Mine?

Divas Championship

Paige vs. Tamina Snuka

Mitch: I don’t watch NXT, so Paige is new to me. She seems like she can wrestle pretty decently and her submission finish looks sick. She also took a sick bump that was impressive when Tamina slammed her into the barriers outside the ring. Women’s wrestling has always been annoying to me because it used to have nothing to do with wrestling. But I grew to like the talented A.J. Lee during her reign and I’m thinking that Paige will deliver just as well. This is one of the rare eras in women’s wrestling that it’s not too bad.

Al: Yeah, I’d say this is the best the women’s division has ever been. I always liked Victoria. She was a good wrestler, I thought.

WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Daniel Bryan vs Kane

Al: This was a good match…well, as extreme as it could be in this PG era of WWE. It was pretty cool seeing Kane go through a flaming table but I still think Seth Rollins flying out of the stands still stole this PPV for me. Was it an entertaining match? Sure. Kane is a future Hall of Famer, no doubt. Would I rather be seeing a Daniel Bryan/Cesaro feud right now? Talk about a no-brainer, right, Mitch?!!!

Mitch: You’re reminding me of that amazing match that that Cesaro and Bryan had on Raw last year. It was better than this one, but this one was still good. The backstage fighting kind of killed the momentum of the match. One thing that makes wrestling amazing is it’s done in the midst of thousands of fans who are passionately responding to what they’re seeing. To remove the audience from the experience rarely works. Both guys still worked hard and the headbutt off the forklift was an amazing moment that really fired up the crowd. Of course the flaming table spot was awesome.

After Wrestlemania, Bryan took a week off to get married to his half of the Bella twins. His dad died two weeks before Extreme Rules and that took him off of a lot of programming as well. He is one of the best athletes in the business but the chance for this match to have a proper build just didn’t happen. The ending implied that that feud will continue for another month and I’m looking forward to what these guys can do with a proper month before their next real go. It should be a great match.

Extreme Rules PPV Summary

Al: I’ll give this one a 3 out of 5 stars. The Shield/Evolution match was obviously, I think, best match of the night by most WWE fans and critics. That match was extreme and entertaining. Maybe the Shield’s best match so far and that’s saying a lot being that I’ve yet to see a bad match from these guys yet. It was a shame their Wrestlemania match vs Kane and the New Age Outlaws wasn’t longer but this one definitely made up for it. Anyways, good PPV overall. Bad News Barrett has got the IC Title and that is anything but bad news for Mr. Al N Jaxson here!!! We’ll see how he does with it. Good match with Big E. The Cena/Bray Wyatt match could’ve been better in my opinion. Maybe because there was too much interference with Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. And did the kid’s voice really need altered? It just made it cheesy for me, but it was a decent match. The Divas match was good as well, not edge of your seat good but what Diva match has been? Paige looks to have a lot of potential and I say she’ll be great but I guess I’m just a sexist pig like A.C Slater. But hey, aren’t women supposed to be in the kitchen? Just kidding, ladies (I highly doubt there’s a lady that will read this anyway)! So, all in all, 3 out of 5 stars for me. This is Al N Jaxson saying so long and GIMME A COKE!!!!

Mitch: I agree with a lot of your summary. We’ll remember this event mostly for the Shield/Evolution brawl. The Bryan match was decent and the Cena match was kind of a let down. Outside the main events, everything else was pretty good. No show-stealers on the undercard, but everything served its purpose in a satisfying way. I don’t have my star-rating system totally worked out, but I think it’ll go like this for me…

  • Five stars is quite simply a perfect event.
  • Four stars is a great show. One or more match of the year contenders and few weak spots.
  • Three stars is a good show. Some high points. Might have a few low points, but more good than bad.
  • Two stars is a not so good show. Few good thing happened on this show. Lots of bad matches.
  • One star is a crappy event. Virtually nothing to brag about and I question why I watch wrestling.

I’ll go for 3¼ stars for this show. I would have gone for three stars as well, but I feel like the Shield/Evolution match gave the event a memorable boost.

Al N Jaxson is a wrestling blogger from the great city of Pomeroy, OH. Mitch Nickelson is a wrestling blogger from the greater city of Altizer, WV.


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